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Monday, May 03, 2004

My post from Saturday about the reader who wants to be a prosecutor: loan forgiveness programs. Lots of schools have them, including this one. They slipped my mind. Thanks to Mark, Lana, Michael, Dave, Ferdinand, and Ophelia for reminding me. Ferdinand and Ophelia are made up. I thought there were more and then realized as I scrolled up that there were only 4. So I thought I'd add two. But it's hard to come up with fake convincing names. Ferdinand and Ophelia sound like they would make a nice couple though. If any of my professors are reading, you can make my day by having Ferdinand and Ophelia either share stock tips, gift appreciated property, or fight over the V-chip on my final exams next week. Although I bet the exams are already written. So probably no Ferdinand and Ophelia. Maybe next year.