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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Daily Show is funny.

I have nothing much to say about the election. I'm rooting for a tie, because that was a ton of fun four years ago, so we may as well do it again. I'm disappointed we didn't get a last-minute Bush commercial morphing Osama Bin Laden's face from the video into John Kerry, you know, without the beard, the long face and everything... "a vote for Osama Bin Laden is a vote for John Kerry... or, wait, the other way around." Something like that. Also surprised that no one in Illinois seems to have gotten Obama confused with Osama yet. "We voted for Osama?" "No. Obama." "Osama?" "Obama." If only it was Florida, this might make sense. Old people, can't hear, get it?

The Comedy Central commercials are informing me that AT&T Wireless and Cingular are joining forces, and White Chicks is out on DVD. Both of these pieces of news are more than the networks are going to have for a few more hours now, isn't it?

I have a question: how did Ron Reagan, Jr. become a political analyst on MSNBC? I don't understand this. Is MSNBC really that desperate? I mean, more desperate than The Daily Show, which has been able to get Al Sharpton and former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld. Not exactly Rudy Giuliani and Ed Rendell, but not terrible.

I'm excited that Ohio may be the key state tonight -- and they've got punchcard ballots. Oh, to see people examining chads again. Oh, how exciting that would be.

Gov. Weld is kind of funny. Good pick, Daily Show bookers. Al Sharpton looks distraught that he's on this program and not on CNN. Poor Al.