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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Nice speech by John Edwards. This can't be fun for someone -- anyone -- who goes through a whole campaign, and it doesn't come out their way. Only distraction is CNN's inane crawl at the bottom of the screen. "EDWARDS: We hoped this election would turn out differently; EDWARDS: This fight will continue; EDWARDS: The... and... it... will... the...." Useless. We're watching the speech, CNN. Don't need the Cliffs Notes.

Part of me thinks it would have been interesting if, when they said where Kerry's speech was going to be, to hop on the subway and head down to Faneuil Hall. But I didn't. Would have been a cool thing to do. Probably should have. Oh well. Then I could have been spared CNN's crawl. "KERRY: I... be... will... the...." Great.

Hopefully we'll get a week or two before the 2008 race begins. Politics is tough. It can't be easy -- for the candidates, for their staffers, for anyone -- to go through this whole thing, with good intentions, and then lose it. Tomorrow they wake up with... with an emptiness, I'm sure. No more TV cameras, no more reporters, no more crowds... a relief in a lot of ways, I'm certain, but also a letdown.

I think it would be very cool to work for a campaign. Anyone declare for 2008 yet? :)

UPDATE: "BREAKING NEWS: Kerry thanks his wife and children." Is CNN run by monkeys?