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Thursday, September 08, 2005

A baseball post

In the off-season, the Mets' new general manager, Omar Minaya, said his goal was that the Mets would play meaningful games in September. They played one or two. On August 30th, the Mets were still in contention for the Wild Card, and were perhaps even the favorite, given their recent performance. Since then, they've lost 7 of 8, and are about to have lost 8 of 9. They're basically out of contention at this point; Houston, Philadelphia, Florida, and Washington are all ahead of them, by at least a couple of games. Here's how their current game is going, and how it could get worse for the Mets.

NY Mets 0, St. Louis 5

Scoring Summary

Bot 6th: St. Louis
- A. Pujols homered to deep center
- S. Taguchi singled to center, J. Edmonds scored

Bot 7th: St. Louis
- A. Pujols homered to deep left
- L. Walker homered to deep left, J. Edmonds scored

Bot 8th: St. Louis
- A. Pujols reaches into dugout and tears the right arm off of D. Wright.
- J. Edmonds sets P. Martinez on fire.
- L. Walker slams T. Glavine against the concrete wall of the dugout, breaking his neck, and his spirit.
- S. Taguchi takes J. Reyes prisoner in a dark cell and doesn't let him out until November.
- Y. Molina poisons J. Seo.
- C. Carpenter continues to throw strikes.
- D. Eckstein grounds out to short.