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Saturday, January 18, 2003


Tony Delk - G - Boston Celtics Jan 17
Tony Delk returned to action tonight, but he didn't start and played just 15 minutes. J.R. Bremer got another start at point guard for Boston. Although Bremer looked good while Delk recovered from a sprained ankle, Delk likely will get his starting job back next time out.

This is what being in a fantasy basketball league does to a person. I actually CARE whether Delk gets his starting job back, because he's on my team. Three months ago, I had never heard of Tony Delk, didn't know what a point guard was, and couldn't have told you whether 15 minutes was a lot of time to play in a basketball game, or just a little (although I probably would have guessed correctly on that one). But now I know all about blocks and centers and steals and 3-point shooting percentage. More than I need to know.

Excuse me while I check the box scores to see whether Nene Hilario has fouled out for the second day in a row.

(The moral of the story: if you either (a) are woefully ignorant about a major sport but wish you weren't, or (b) have twenty minutes a day to kill setting your lineup, checking the waiver wire, and closely scrutinizing box scores, join a fantasy league!)