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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I bet that if the exam responses from Exam #3 were compared with those from Exam #1 -- across classes, across schools, across professors -- that the answers to exam #1 would be so much better. It just seemed so much more... more crucial to be ready for that first-ever law school exam. I went to bed at 10:00, I made sure to go to the bathroom the night before so I wouldn't have to go during the exam, I was meticulous about my studying, did all the practice exams, really felt ready. Because it really felt important. But now, by exam #3, I feel like I'm an old pro. Exams? Eh, I know all about exams.... No idea how I did, but still, it just feels like there's so much less pressure, it feels less... less crucial... to really be as prepared as for the previous ones. And everyone else I've talked to -- regardless of what class the exam is in, what professor they have, whether it's an in-class or a take-home -- seems to feel the same way. Just an observation.