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Friday, January 17, 2003

In the student mailboxes: a small green booklet from a corporate law firm. The trend in law firm promotional materials continues -- they all appear to be trying the same thing. Acknowledge that working at a law firm is not that thrilling, but make themselves appear to rise slightly above the fray. They're spinning us. And, oddly enough, reading this little green booklet makes me want to work for their advertising firm instead of their law firm, because they really are trying here. These are directly out of the brochure:

"You are about to become a lawyer. Think about it: This may be the last time anyone is totally up front and 80 percent honest with you."

"As a first year, you may feel like a fire hydrant. Here, at least you're a welll-respected fire hydrant."

"The [Firm's name] Summer Associate Program: Glamorous work, lavish meals, theatre tickets. Your basic deal with the devil."

"Now that's something you don't often hear in the halls of a law firm: Laughter."

"In closing, we know you have a choice. So let's talk about our cafeteria."

If every other firm weren't trying the same messaging, I'd almost believe them. It would be a fresh, new approach, and I'd appreciate their honesty. But not when every other brochure is saying the same stuff. I'm exaggerating. Half the firms are trying this "hip" (I bet that's what they think it is) approach. The other half are doing it the more traditional way: by sending us materials designed to frighten us.