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Thursday, January 23, 2003

'Twas the night before classes, and all through the dorm
Not a student was clicking on Internet porn
All the casebooks were open, the highlighters out
Every student decoding what each case was about
There were briefs being written and outlines to make
There was nervousness building in case of mistake
There were keyboards a-clicking and disk drives a-whir
Opinions dissenting and those that concur
There were court names and years on the notes that got made
Procedural histories, reasonings weighed
There were details and thoughts and some brand new ideas
There was music to every professor's two ears
Cause the day before classes, it started anew
For a brand new semester, the work we would do!
We'd resolved to be better, to show up prepared
So in case we got called on, our ego'd be spared
We'd have pages and pages and pages of notes
Filled with case cites and precedent, Justices' quotes
But then sitting in classes, the truth would be clear
Perhaps it's not worth missing American Idol's premiere
The briefs can be shorter, could read with less care
As long as the big picture story is there
The details for later -- the Daily Show's on
The outlines can wait till a few weeks have gone
And if I get called on, I'll surely survive
Cause February sweeps will be soon to arrive
All the great motivation was here for a day
A brand new semester; they all start that way.