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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Where do they find the proctors for our exams? Do they put an ad in the newspaper?

WANTED: Retired people who like to sit. Must be able to manage room filled with 80 students, most of whom haven't slept in a week and aren't all that relaxed to begin with anyway. Must be able to read small print (bring your glasses!) on student ID cards and match the numbers to those on a sheet. Ability to read basic instructions aloud without mangling sentences to the point of incomprehension is a plus. Finally be able to put law school on your resume and impress all of your friends. For more information, log onto our website... uh... that won't work... for more information, send us a telegraph at (617) 123-4567. Positions filling up quick, but there's still room on the wait list. Pleasant personality and basic grooming habits not required.