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I recently graduated from Harvard Law School. This is my weblog. It tries to be funny. E-mail me if you like it. For an index of what's lurking in the archives, sorted by category, click here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

...excuse this short interruption in the usual content for some self-indulgent commercial messages... (there's real content right below this message, I promise!!)

I had dinner tonight at the home of a cousin of mine in Newton. I mention this mostly because I think he's probably going to search the Internet to see if he can find my weblog, since it came up in conversation. The food was awesome. It always is. His wife's a fantastic cook. If you're my cousin, and you've found my weblog, welcome... :) (If not, welcome anyway...)

Speaking of things that aren't related to law school... Check out Steve Hofstetter's weblog if you like. I went to high school with Steve, and he writes a weekly humor column called Observational Humor. We've sort of lost touch (I should probably e-mail him), so he has no reason to know I read his column, or that I have a weblog of my own. But maybe if I link to him, he'll see in his referrer logs that people are coming to his site from my site and he'll come check this one out and then I'd have an actual reason to e-mail him. Although who doesn't like getting e-mail.

...and now back to your regularly scheduled humorous thoughts about law school...