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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Making my way through my Property class notes... there's a lot of property law. I guess there's probably a lot of law in every subject we take, but just that we've learned more of it in Property. I need to do laundry -- and since I don't have any clean socks, I'm wearing sandals today. It's perfectly reasonable for my clean laundry to determine what footwear I choose, right? :)

I promised something about exam studying... here's ten things not to do when studying for exams:

1. Light matches near your outlines
2. Take advantage of the early-bird "sell your books back before you study" promotion
3. Throw lots of sequenced but un-numbered papers high in the air and watch them scatter as they fall
4. Overdose on sleeping pills
5. Take exactly the recommended dosage of sleeping pills
6. Buy sleeping pills and, just to consolidate the number of bottles you have, mix them with your vitamins
7. Become addicted to the Food Network
8. Become addicted to Food
9. Become addicted to sleeping pills
10. Blind yourself with acid

Here's ten more actual study tips for exams that aren't just me trying to be funny but probably not succeeding:

1. If it's an open book exam, gather all the relevant materials you can possibly get your hands on, because they can't hurt
2. Make an index of all the big thick things you have, like textbooks and big piles of class notes
3. Post-It flags can be useful I'm sure, although I have yet to find a good use for them
4. Stock up on highlighters: I am not kidding, I have gone through 4 this week so far. I've resorted now to using the purple one that's always the last one in the package because it's so ugly
5A. Don't waste time posting to your weblog every day :)
5B. Don't waste time carefully setting the lineups for your 6 fantasy baseball teams every day :)
6. Take advantage of professor office hours -- maybe they'll be giving away hints inadvertently
7. Budget your time, making sure to leave breaks -- for, say, posting to your weblog
8. Wake up early
9. Delete all solitaire and solitaire-like games from your computer
10. This is not the week to go out and buy the new book about Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane ("Moneyball" by Michael Lewis), and spend time reading that instead of reading property. (review of Moneyball coming later in the week... I ought to practice what I preach... good book though)