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Sunday, May 11, 2003

To the tune of "Beauty and the Beast"

"Proctor and the Cheat"

Man as old as time
Proctors the exam
Reading every rule
They follow at this school
But he don't see my scam
Just a little page
An answer-loaded sheet
I have come prepared
Curve-busters be scared
Proctor and the Cheat

I stalked the professor
Hid under his chair
When he wrote the test
Stabbed him in the chest
Made a copy there

Took my copy home
Called up 911
Doctors made him well
And he could not tell
My scheme had begun

Wiped off all the blood
Made an answer sheet
Proctor's in decay
I will get an A
Proctor and the Cheat

Man as old as time
Doesn't know my crime
Proctor and the Cheat