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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Got a couple of e-mails related to my post below about taking the time to update your resume before starting law school, because you'll need it soon. My e-mailers wanted to know more about what goes on a law student's resume. So here's a mock resume for a law student, in part just me trying to be funny, but also to illustrate the different things you might want to put on it, and the appropriate sections and kinds of information.

Joe Law-Student

Decrepit Dorm, Suite #705B, Closet #2
123 Dark Alley
Shantytown, MN 54321
(123) 456-7890


Law School, J.D. expected June 2012
Honors: Dean's List Fall 2002, Probation Spring 2003, Expulsion Summer 2003
Activities: Journal of Cheese (Fermenting editor), Arts & Crafts Club, Moot Court, Intramural Cricket

University of Phoenix Online, B.A. received magna cum laude June 2002
Senior Thesis: "Why the only thing I've ever wanted to do is be a lawyer"
Relevant Classes: Being a Lawyer 101, Practicing Law 204, Excelling at Law School 305, Ceramics 623
Honors: Recipient of Class of '65 Alumni Prize for Aspiring Lawyers
Activities: President, Pre-Law Society; Vice President, Legal Club; Treasurer, Future Tax Lawyers Association; Intramural Cockfighting


Paralegal, July 2002-August 2003
Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato LLP (Tel Aviv, Israel)
--Sorted large stacks of paper
--Billed large stacks of hours
--Made large stacks of pancakes

Forest Ranger, June 2001-August 2001
Drive-Through Safari, Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ)
--Fed animals
--Managed crowd flow
--Wrote legal memos and reviewed animal contracts

Research Assistant, September 2000-May 2001
Adjunct Prof. Jennifer Lopez (University of Phoenix Online)
--Handled publicity requests
--Ghost-wrote chapter in autobiography, "I Am Famous"
--Wrote legal memos and acted like an aspiring lawyer

Ancient Roman Law, Law of the Middle Ages, National Security, Local Government Law, Being a Lawyer, Lots of Money, Skydiving without a parachute