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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Janeway and JCA over at Sua Sponte could have a Lexis Points contest. Janeway reports she has 6,750 and Sua Sponte has almost 6000. I have 950. We've all spent the same amount of time at school. And I do use Lexis-Nexis for most of my research needs (sorry, Westlaw -- but Lexis wins because it also has news sources like the New York Times, and so it works for non-legal research (gasp!) also). I know I've made some mention of this a few months ago -- but what are JCA and Janeway doing on Lexis that's giving them so many points? And is it really worth the $20 Amazon gift certificate they'll get at the end. OK, maybe it's more than $20, and so maybe it is worth it. I guess there are just some people who can motivate themselves to enter all the contests, and sign on every day, and probably also have one of those credit cards that gives them frequent flyer miles and never use ATMs from another bank that charges them a dollar-fifty fee, and always turn their library books in on time.

And they'll end up winning a new car from Lexis-Nexis, and I'll end up with a $4 gift certificate to