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Monday, September 08, 2003

The first day of classes just isn't that bad when you're a 2L. It was fun to have new subjects, new professors, new classmates. We'll see if it's still fun tomorrow. And, as a change from 1L year, the seats aren't assigned.

Ten Tips When Choosing A Seat:

1. That guy with the hacking cough? I'll be as far away from there as I can get.
2. Don't sit down on a seat that's got chewing gum on it.
3. The chair that's missing a wheel is not a good pick.
4. If the professor is using namecards to call on people, you want to write your name really small, add some extra consonants, and sit way in the back.
5. But if the professor is using a seating chart, you can sit anywhere as long as you make sure you don't write your name anywhere on the chart.
6. Even though they cost more, check out the luxury boxes on the third deck; they come complete with waiter service and a great view of the lectern.
7. Sitting on a friend's lap can be a real space-saver.
8. I try to avoid sitting next to the guy whose laptop emits an unusually loud hum.
9. The people who habitually eat in class do not make good neighbors. Especially if they like to eat tuna fish.
10. Try switching your seat with the plush leather teacher's chair before class to experience the best in classroom comfort.