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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Got a 1L facebook in my mailbox today. Waddling Thunder has a chart of how many 1Ls come from a selection of schools, this year compared to last year. I can't imagine what conclusions anyone could draw from his chart, or why the information is terribly interesting or important, but it's there, in case anyone's curious.

For anyone who worries that everyone at Harvard Law School comes from Harvard and Yale (of course, a lot of them do), here are some represented colleges and universities that I haven't really heard of before (which obviously means absolutely nothing; as I think I've said before, I certainly haven't noticed any correlation at all between where any of my classmates went to undergrad and anything about what goes on at law school... the admissions people have gobs of qualified candidates to pick from; obviously everyone here did something right, no matter where he or she went to school). Somewhere in this list is one I'm making up. Find it and win!

Alma College, Berry College, Bridgewater College, Colorado School of Mines, The Evergreen State College, Gustavus Adolphus College, Hillsdale College, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, Magdalen College, Messiah College, Pacific Union College, St. Cloud State University, University de Deusto, University of Phoenix Online, University of Tokyo.

Of similar uselessness: consider yourself more likely to go to Harvard if your first name is David (13), Michael (12), Jennifer (9), Adam (8), Daniel (7), Jeffrey (7), Joshua (7), Andrew (6), James (6), Kevin (6), Benjamin (5), Charles (5), Emily (5), John (5), Nicholas (5), Rebecca (5), Sarah (5), and Stephen (5). Making this list tells me there are fewer common guys names than girls names, because they seem to be more concentrated. If the Davids had a tug-of-war with the Michaels (and let's give the Michaels the 1 Kurt we've got, just to make it even as far as numbers), I wonder who would win. It's these kinds of second-level questions that the facebook can't answer.