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Thursday, September 04, 2003

I started reading for classes today -- the first session of all three of my classes is on Monday, but there's a decent amount of reading to do before then. It took me a little while to remember how to read... not that I forgot how to read, but that I forgot how to really concentrate and focus on what I'm reading, and be able to process it. About twenty minutes of just sort of staring at the page before it started to come back to me.

And so I read a little bit of Constitutional Law, and then I read a little bit of Local Government Law... and then, the best thing ever to happen while reading for a law school class happened. It's never happened to me before, and probably never will again. But it was quite something. For Con Law, one of the readings was Federalist #10. And for Local Government Law, one of the readings was... Federalist #10. Is there a feeling as grand as skipping right past 6 pages in the casebook because you've JUST READ THE SAME THING FOR ANOTHER CLASS?? It was as if the heavens were smiling down upon me. It was, I daresay, as good as one can feel while in a law school library reading a casebook. So I rewarded myself by wasting ten minutes checking my e-mail.

Ten Spam E-mail Headers You Never See:

1. "Lower your credit rating!"
2. "Enlarge your ears!"
3. "Magazine Subscriptions at 50% more than the cover price!"
4. "You owe money to the royal family of Nigeria and we are helping them to collect it."
5. "Ugly people are waiting to talk to you on the phone about their family problems."
6. "Get Poor Quick!"
7. "Domestic Long Distance for the same price you normally pay for International Calls."
8. "Win a free trip to jail!"
9. "Have you ever wanted a lower IQ?"
10. "Clicking on this is a waste of time."