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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Today was the law school's organizations fair, where each of the 50 or so student organizations try to collect as many names as possible to add to an e-mail distribution list. In order to get people to sign up, they give out candy. The amount of organizations is staggering. The amount of candy is staggering. I sat at the table for the a cappella group. The Alliance for Independent Feminists was on our left; the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (see: "Sexual Politics of Meat Slide Show" from Monday) was on our right. They each got more than double the number of signups we did.

"Do you sing, are you a feminist, or are you a vegan?"

"I'm all three."

"Oh boy."

I think the Alliance for Independent Feminists got as many men to sign up as they did women. They're going to be part of a grassroots movement to transform the group into the Alliance for Dependent Feminists. The Vegans got lots of sign ups because they were giving out homemade chocolate chip cookies. There's no meat in chocolate chip cookies.

Ten Organizations That Don't Exist Here:

1. Society to Reduce Grade Inflation
2. Law and Infectious Diseases Club
3. Alliance of Lazy People
4. International Appreciation and Acceptance Club
5. Organization to Promote Compromise
6. Math Team
7. The People Who Don't Want Corporate Jobs Club
8. Low LSAT Score Society
9. Menial Labor Club
10. Society for Future Housewives