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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Today was "registration" for 2Ls and 3Ls, which consisted of signing a form to verify your name and address, trading in the form for a renewed ID card, and picking up a bunch of freebies from our good friends at Lexis and Westlaw. Westlaw, with its pen/highlighter combo, pocket-sized federal rules of evidence, and (the tiebreaker) a pretty sweet frisbee, narrowly beats out Lexis and its fancy plastic highlighter, foam cup holder, keychain, and even-smaller-pocket-sized federal rules of evidence.

This afternoon is the On-Campus Interviewing orientation for all 2Ls. Questions I hope nobody asks but I'm sure they will:

1. I'm planning on splitting my summer in thirds between Seattle, Detroit, and the moon. I wanted to know which firms I should be looking at, and was hoping you could take up everybody else's time by answering that for me right now.

2. When I turned in my resume, you made a stray mark by one of the lines. I was wondering if you meant anything by that. I've brought a plastic overhead so you can project it for everyone to see and we can discuss.

3. Here's my list of thirty firms. Can you tell me everything you know about them?

4. Can I leave to go to the bathroom?

5. I'm an PhD student, and not actually looking to work at a law firm. But I came today to try and find out the psychology behind choosing which cities people want to work in. I was hoping we could go around the room and everyone could tell me the cities they're going to be interviewing for jobs in, and why they've chosen them.

6. I have a disability I'd rather not share with the group. Could you tell us all about every firm's policy for dealing with students with disabilities like mine?

7. I didn't receive an offer at the firm I worked at last summer. I have a very long and detailed story I'm going to tell about this, and end by not really asking a question so much as just complaining that it's not fair. Thanks.

8. Can you recite a list of the other career services events that'll be coming up over the next three or four months, slowly and also in German?

9. I came in late. Can you start over?

10. I can't find a seat. Can everybody stand up and we'll play musical chairs in order to determine how the 400 seats for 550 students are allocated in a fair and equitable manner?