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Saturday, November 15, 2003

A few notes:

1. I got a phone call today from a friend letting me know that my weblog was mentioned in an article in National Jurist magazine, which they give out for free in the student center here and I imagine in lots of other places. They did an article on weblogs, quoted me saying something about my weblog -- they'd e-mailed me a while ago, but I wasn't sure when the article was going to run and to what extent I'd be mentioned in it -- and their sidebar is a piece I wrote a while back making fun of some law firm names. I don't think it's the best thing I've written on here, but it's okay. If you've arrived here after seeing the link in there: (1) welcome, and (2) the thing in the magazine is not the best thing I've written on here. Scroll down; I think you'll like. If you want to be dropped right in the middle of a bunch of stuff about callback interviews, you can try here or here. If you want a cool song parody, you can try here. Today was the first day the magazine was in our student center here; I don't know if we get it first, last, or pretty much when everyone else does. No noticeable spike in hits, but I'm not sure I expect one.

2. I saw Matrix: Revolutions in IMAX tonight. It is way cool to see a movie on an IMAX screen (and at $15.50, way expensive). I didn't really understand the movie, but seeing it on IMAX almost made up for that. Way cool. I want to see more movies on IMAX, only next time with a plot I can follow and hopefully with some funny too.

3. A link to my article in the Harvard Law Record about the environmental law conference here last week (disclaimer: it's not funny). I'll link to my hazing column too, but if you read it on here last Friday, you've already seen it. No real change.

4. Saw a newspaper headline: "Michael Jackson's Dad -- I Whipped Him But Never Beat Him." Pick your punchline: (1) Well, those *are* two different blender settings; (2) So "Beat It" wasn't based on a true story?; (3) "I also cut his nose off" Eh, maybe three aren't better than one.