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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Funny Onion article about the "dangers" of having a weblog. This one really hit home for me. My mom reads my weblog. :)

It's prompting a lame attempt at humor:

Nine Events That Didn't Really Happen, but if they did I'd be pretty wary about posting them, since you never know who's reading.

1. That time that Professor Junklehopper called on me and I was high on LSD and pounced on him like a rabbit pouncing on a piece of lettuce, and I tore his shirt collar, he called security, and had me removed from class.

2. That time my study group session turned into a wild orgy, involving highlighters, flash cards, and something someone bought with a whole lotta Lexis points.

3. The ill-advised "bungee jumping off the library roof" incident.

4. The time I stole fourteen study guides from the bookstore (holding the cashier at felt-tip-pen-point), and then burned them all in an big bonfire outside the student center.

5. That source I cited wrong in a footnote.

6. My purchase of a Con Law outline from the creepy man who hangs out by the schoolyard trying to get us kids hooked on the study guides. He's scary, dude.

7. That time I tried "skimming" for the first time.

8. When my friend dared me to take a practice exam, and I couldn't just do one, and stayed up for 72 hours straight on a practice exam binge that ended in disaster when I... ran out of practice exams.

9. Five words: "Review session, machine gun, messy"