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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I felt bad offering up some useless advice about finals yesterday without at least combing through my archives and digging up some actual stuff I wrote about finals last year -- not that I have all the answers, by any stretch, but in case any 1Ls want to read about what I did to prepare and any actual thoughts I have on the subject.

So... having combed through my archives:

Exam Thoughts 1: All about outlining... the monster exam advice post

Exam Thoughts 2: "Yes, outlining's important, but you should do practice exams"

Exam Thoughts 3: "What about study groups?"

Exam Thoughts 4: "But the exam is only worth 100% of the grade!"

And some lighter exam-related stuff I stumbled across:

Top Ten Registrar Mistakes regarding 1L grades

Twenty-five things not to do the night before an exam

"The Twelve Days of Finals" parody song