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Monday, November 17, 2003

Some dumb names for made-up law-related people and organizations:

Law school math team -- The Law-garithms
Law school math team that also sings -- The Law-ga-rhthyms
Way for children of law school students to make money -- Law-monade stand
Who you call when you forget your key -- The Law-ksmith
The people who cut the trees down at the law school -- Law-n maintenance
The people who do stuff with the wood after the trees are cut down -- Law-ggers
What you can call a funny professor -- A Law-f riot
What they do to your student ID card to keep it from tearing -- Law-minate it
Where you store your books -- A Law-ker
What kind of soap you should use if you're a law student -- Law-ver 2000
The sea creature who lives in the puddles by the law school -- The Law-ch Ness Monster
The favorite politicians of law students -- Joe Law-berman, Hil-Law-Ry Clinton, and Condo-Law-zza Rice (and former governor of Florida Law-ton Chiles, of course)
What law students bet on sports team to have -- Law-sses
Law student personal grooming tip -- Always F-Law-ss
Favorite law student movie -- "Law-st in Translation"
A law student's favorite part of the meat packing industry -- The S-Law-terhouse
Favorite plane crash -- The one over Law-kerbie, Scotland
Favorite dictator -- S-Law-bodon Mi-Law-sevich
Favorite way to kill somebody -- Guil-Law-tine
Favorite illnesses -- Law-kjaw, Rubel-Law, and Law-ss of control over one's bowels

Can you tell I should be sleeping?