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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Study Group Application.

Thank you for applying to be a member of my study group. I appreciate the interest. Please fill out the following form with care and place in my mailbox along with a copy of your transcript and resume. Your submission will be carefully considered and you will hear from me within 48 hours.


1. How many days of class have you missed? (Please enclose documentation to verify. Acceptable documentation includes: your original handwritten notes from class, a signed slip from the professor, or a laboratory report from tests done on your assigned seat to ascertain whether or not it was used during each class session.)

2. What other commitments do you have between now and the exam? (Please be specific. I.e. if you tend to use the bathroom once a day, generally at around six in the evening, please block off ten minutes at that time each day; if you plan on sleeping at all, please mark off the appropriate 90 minute block (90 minutes is the maximum allowed sleep time for participation in my study group; less is encouraged)).

3. What materials can you offer to the group, above and beyond your class notes (which are an obvious pre-requisite) and the class outline you will create as per #7 on the application, infra)?

4. The study group will spend the next two weeks in a secluded location that CANNOT ACCOMMODATE food or beverage. Will that be a problem?

5. Practice exams are imperative for study group success. I currently have the complete set of law school exams given at the top 50 schools from 1934 until the present, except for Washington & Lee University's 1956 set. Will you be able to secure a copy of that set of exams, or, if not, would you be willing to contribute your share to the fund I've establish to track the exams down and recover them (estimated cost per person is $50 plus FedEx costs)?

6. Someone in class sneezed last Tuesday. Were you that person? If so, please stop filling out the application, and DO NOT put a copy in my mailbox. I do not want your germs.

7. Please enclose your course outline (minimum 100 pages).

Thank You.