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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Check out VH1's new series, "I love the 1820s," where B-list pop culture celebrities reminisce about life 150 years before they were born.

[video clip of woman churning butter]

Cameron Diaz: I'm so glad we don't have to churn butter now.

Sharon Osbourne: Churning butter! Imagine if we had to churn butter!

Mo Rocca: I churned butter once for a segment on The Daily Show, and it was not fun.

Hal Sparks: I think that woman churning butter is more famous than I am. I used to host a show on E! and now I'm on a show on Showtime. At this rate in six months I'll be hosting a show on Animal Planet and giving commentary on the Oxygen network about what life would be like if I was a woman.

Sharon Osbourne: He got too much airtime! No fair! Watch the Osbournes!

[video clip of a man on the toilet]

David Cassidy: There was no toilet paper in the 1820s

Lionel Richie: Has my career really sunk this low?

Sharon Osbourne: No toilet paper! Ha! There was no toilet paper! Watch my talk show!

Mo Rocca: Your talk show just got canceled.

Sharon Osbourne: Cancelled! And no toilet paper?

Alec Baldwin: It would have been hard to live in a time when there was no toilet paper. I don't know what I would have done.

Stephen Baldwin: I don't know either.

Alec Baldwin: Why are you on this show? I'm more famous than you? You're just famous because you're my brother.

Lisa Marie Presley: And I'm just famous because my father may or may not be dead. Toilet paper!

Sharon Osbourne: Toilet paper!

[video of slaves doing slavery stuff]

Sharon Osbourne: Slavery!

Lionel Richie: I need a new manager.

Alec Baldwin: I do too.

[video of President Andrew Jackson kicking some Indians]

Cameron Diaz: I think President Andrew Jackson is so cute.

Sharon Osbourne: President Andrew Jackson! Is so cute!

Bob Barker: I remember when he was just a little kid.

Lionel Richie: You need a new manager.

Bob Barker: I know. But I've spent all my Price Is Right earnings on booze and hookers.

Danny Bonaduce: Did someone say booze and hookers?

[video of pilgrims playing tennis]

Rich Eisen, SportsCenter: Tennis was big in the 1820s. Can I get my check now?

Sharon Osbourne: Look at those rackets they're using!

Nick Lachey: My wife is dumb.

Sharon Osbourne: Tennis!

Cameron Diaz: Tennis is so cute!

Drew Barrymore: I remember when I used to play tennis.

Bob Barker: I've been neutered.

Sharon Osbourne: Neutered! Watch the Osbournes!

Mo Rocca: Thanks for joining us for VH1's look back at the 1820s. Tune in next week for "I Love the 1530s," with commentary by Ben Stiller, Jack Osbourne, and, from "Dirty Dancing," Jennifer Grey!