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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Excerpts from e-mails, with comments:

A. "[Some organization] seeks [this other organization's] help with a blood drive on February 2, 12-5... It's an excellent, non-time consuming community service opportunity." The italics are added by me. If it's non-time consuming, sign me up. BUT HOW CAN IT BE NON-TIME CONSUMING IF YOU HAVE TO DO ANYTHING????? And if it's non-time consuming, then why are you telling me WHEN IT IS????? 12-5 is a time, last time I checked.

B. "Dear HLS Students: Over the past week, we have received several requests to reserve the skating rink for hockey, broom ball, and other games."

Some "other games" on the law school skating rink:

1. "Falling and Suing"
2. "Slipping, Falling, and Suing"
3. "Slipping, Falling, and Suing, and Mock Trial"
4. "Slipping, Falling, Suing, Mock Trial, and Collecting Lawyers Fees"
5. "Ice Fishing"