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Monday, January 26, 2004

Got back from my exam a little while ago. My pre-exam "horror story" (not really) -- this was an in-class exam, so we needed to bring our laptops and we'd hand in a disk (for the essay part of the exam). My computer has a detachable floppy drive (that's a good name for a song). So I opened my drawer to get my drive out. It wasn't there. Looked in some other drawers. Not there. Called my parents. Oh, it's there. I forgot to bring it back from break (why exactly I brought it home with me I'm not sure). So I woke up my roommate and asked him if I could borrow his computer, because I couldn't take the exam without my floppy drive (wouldn't be able to save to disk and turn it in). He let me. Had he (a) had an exam today too, or (b) felt like being mean, I'd have been in some amount of trouble, although you are allowed to hand-write the exam, so it wouldn't have really been all that big of a deal. Anyway, if that's the worst exam horror story I can come up with I'm pretty lucky. :)