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Saturday, January 31, 2004

I saw "The Perfect Score" today, the movie about high school kids who try and steal the answers to the SAT. Lesson: don't go to a movie without reading a review. The commercial looked kind of interesting. They put the test through a shredder instead of the copy machine. Could be funny. Could be an interesting look at the SAT and the high stakes it has for high school students. Or it could be a silly throwaway movie filled with underwritten characters and a poorly executed premise. I think a documentary about kids preparing for the SAT, in the tradition of the wonderful "Spellbound," could be really interesting. A movie about the importance colleges put on this test, and who really writes these questions. I don't know. But this was fluff. This was a mediocre teen heist movie. I was concerned right away, when the previews were for (1) what looked like a new version of "Big" starring Jennifer Garner in the Tom Hanks role, called "13 Going On 30," (2) a movie about a 15-year-old girl who wants to be a star, starring the girl who was in the Parent Trap remake from a few years ago, and (3) Scooby Doo 2. So it was being pitched to someone half my age. Oops. My bad. Should've read the reviews first. This review, for example, should pretty much kill it for you.