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Thursday, February 12, 2004

An article in the Harvard Crimson yesterday was titled: "Committee Approves Porn Magazine: H Bomb will feature nude pictures of undergraduates" and got a bunch of press, and, as far as I can tell, has been pulled from their online archives this morning. I posted something about it on En Banc yesterday, quoting a small part of the article:

"The Committee on College Life (CCL) voted to approve a student-run magazine that will feature nude pictures of Harvard undergraduates... as an official Harvard publication.... In order to avoid liability, students will not be able to take nude pictures inside of Harvard buildings."

And saying that while my initial reaction was that this must be a joke, it appears not to be. I understand the whole free speech thing, and I'm not saying this should be illegal. But can anyone possibly make the argument that this is a good idea?

Anyway, I'm just recycling my En Banc post over here because I thought it was an interesting story, and I have nothing else coming to mind to write about this morning. I'm trying.

Later on today (when it gets online), I'll link to my law school newspaper article about online grades -- it looks a bunch like what I wrote on here over the weekend, except since when the grades actually came out for 1Ls on Tuesday, the system worked, the school did not blow up, and so my column, all about how it'll never actually work, was rendered utterly and completely irrelevant -- but I tried my best to salvage it. You'll see when I link to it. Not sure if I made it work, or I just made it seem like I wrote the article too soon. Oh well.