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Sunday, February 22, 2004

"Bar/Bri" [to the tune of Barry Manilow's "Mandy"]

I remember autumn days
My eyes met your focused gaze
Sitting at the desk, with piles of pamphlets
Promises I'd pass, and be a lawyer

Springtime came, the price didn't rise
Watched as you'd divert your eyes
The free books didn't help, my grades got lower
The highlighters you gave, they ran out of ink

Oh Bar/Bri
Well, you said that your price would be rising
I should sign up today
Oh, Bar/Bri
Well, you dangled free goodies before me
Had no choice but to pay
Oh, Bar/Bri

I'm sitting in the Bar/Bri class
The teacher says he's sure I'll pass
But the teacher isn't real, a screen I'm watching
It's all on video, for this they charge

Oh, Bar/Bri
Well, you lock me inside every day now
Teaching law that I know
Oh, Bar/Bri
How much more do you want me to pay now
Will you please let me go?
Oh, Bar/Bri

Hours in the room, I'm almost crying
Weeks inside the room, and my soul is dying

Oh, Bar/Bri
Would have passed but for all of this torture
Watching tapes every day
Well you charged me much more than you helped me
Failed the test anyway [I got fired today...]
Oh, Bar/Bri