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Thursday, February 19, 2004

The Law Review has been having their elections the past couple of weeks. From the law school newspaper's article:

"For the 42 current 2Ls, there are normally 36 to 40 positions available, either through election or by appointment, including managing editor and notes editors. "Everybody who wants a position generally gets a position," said [new President] Vignarajah. "There are lots of different ways to contribute and help lead the organization."
I thought I'd try and list all 40 positions.

The 40 Law Review Leadership Positions

Managing Editor
Technical Editor
Notes Editor
Submissions Editor
Symposium Editor
Competition Editor
Social Director
Page Numbering Editor
Keeping The Women Out Editor
Comfortable Furniture Editor
Lexis Point Collector
Figuring Out How To Add 40 Hours To Each Week Editor
Cleaning The Bathroom Editor
Actually Reading Each Issue Editor
Buying Bagels Editor
Sneaking Into Registrar's Office And Giving Everyone Perfect Grades Editor
Building Cardboard Cutouts To Sit In Class Instead Of You Editor
Spreading Rumors About Members We Don't Like Editor
Helping Everyone Get Good Clerkships Editor
No Time To Get Haircuts So One Of Us Does It For Everyone Editor
Coffee-Making Editor
Figuring Out How To Put The First Law Review Editor In Space Editor
Keeping Away Colds With Zinc And Vitamin C Editor
Background Music Editor
Coming Up With The Secret Codes On The Doors Editor
Photocopying Master/Mistress
Designing A New More Readable Typeface For The Footnotes Editor
Cutting Everyone's Food For Them Editor
Overnight Package Delivery Editor
Programming the VCR (we love Sex And The City) Editor
Helping The More Socially Awkward Members Better Interact With Their Peers Editor
Making Up Stories About How Much Fun Law Review Is Editor
Buying The Porn Editor
Labeling The Cabinets Editor
Laughing At The People Who Didn't Get In Editor
Cuddling Editor
Monitoring Weblogs To See When People Are Talking Smack About Us Editor