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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Readers of En Banc may be alarmed to see the "End of En Banc" message on the homepage. I was too. But don't despair. (And there's no hard feelings on my end. It's just a weblog. Things happen.) Hopefully, if you were a loyal reader, it helped you discover some talented writers and interesting bloggers. All but one of whom have solo blogs that, if you enjoyed their material on En Banc, there's no reason not to check out -- Unlearned Hand, Chris, Greg, and PG. In any event, it looks as if some fraction of us may try and continue the group blog thing. Obviously, I'll let you know when something's definite. Of course, nothing impacts anything here. Not even nuclear war could keep me from writing moderately funny song parodies. Actually, nuclear war probably could. But anything short of that.