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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The rest of
"Walking in Class Late" (to the tune of Marc Cohn's "Walking In Memphis")
[I tried. This is not that thrilling, I know. But I tried.]

Alarm clock did not ring
The time I slept right past
I thought I would do all the reading be-
-fore class but I'm not that fast
Though I am on panel - what's the chance she'll call on me?
Cause I got a friendly smile
And I'm as clueless as I can be

And I'm walking in class late
Tripping on a backpack, coat, and chair
Walking in class late
But do I really know why I am there?

Saw the ghost of Posner
In the comment someone made
Then as she called on the person next to me
Real silently, I prayed
Now perhaps she will not see me
If I slump down in my seat
If she calls my name
I'll hang my head in shame
And go down to defeat

Cause I was walking in class late
Didn't do the reading yesterday
Walking in class late
I do not have a clever thing to say

She's got three prongs on the blackboard
And she's looking right at me
I turn the page; the page is useless
There is nothing there to see
I wish I'd stayed in bed more

Now teacher she points my direction
And she says something about a case
It's a case I've never heard of
And she sees it on my face
I mouth the words "please save me"
And her eyes move one row back
She says "Tell me 'bout this decision"
And my world just fades to black

I won't be walking in class late
I'll take my one free pass and go from there
Walking in class late
Someone up above answered my prayer

Walking in class late
The moral of the story is as goes
Walking in class late
No one who's on panel ever shows.