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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Week In Review: Concluding Thoughts on Harvard's Porn Magazine

This week, there was a bit of controversy as The Crimson announced, just in time for Valentine's Day, that Harvard had approved an undergraduate sex magazine. We get an ice rink, they get naked pictures of each other. Harvard quickly backtracked after the mainstream media firestorm made them realize maybe this wasn't a good idea. "Where does your daughter go to school?" "Harvard." "Oh, I knew that. From this magazine I saw." Professors' seating charts would be so much more interesting. I know, I know. There simply aren't enough opportunities out there for Harvard students who want to appear naked in the pages of a magazine, on video, or on the Internet, and it really is the school's duty to make sure there's a forum on campus for students who want to foreclose all opportunities to run for political office in the future, or to look their grandparents in the eye ever again. "Honey, you've always been good at writing. Why don't you join a campus magazine." "Well, okay. How about---?" "NO! NOT THAT ONE!" "But I would just be joining it for the articles…."

Actually, I shouldn't have said the magazine was announced just in time for Valentine's Day. It was actually just in time for Presidents Day, in honor of President Clinton. Or maybe in honor of John Kerry, if the Internet rumors are true and he did in fact receive botox injections from an intern. I may be getting two rumors confused. The magazine may also have been in honor of Dennis Kucinich, who continues his search for love on the campaign trail with an appearance on Blind Date next week.

The Law School is saving its announcement about a similarly-themed new magazine for Halloween. Or maybe Lent. Ten points if that makes sense to you, because I'm not even sure it makes sense to me. A Law School magazine like that would be kind of cool. Instead of scanning for the highest grades, law firms could scan for, uh, other things. Perhaps some students could get pro bono credit for posing, and others could get arrested. It could be run by the Legal Aid Bureau; it's just a different kind of Aid than they're used to. Yeah. I think I've pretty much run out of steam on this topic.