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Monday, April 26, 2004

Attn: Harvard Law Students and HLS students-to-be

Although it's unlikely that more HLS students read this than our weekly newsletter ("The Adviser") or our automated e-mail announcements about stuff like this ("Flashmod"), perhaps the audience I'm trying to reach is more likely to be found here, so indulge me for a moment as I try to exercise my extracurricular responsibilities:

1. Anyone who might be interested in writing a regular (or irregular) column in The Record newspaper next year, about anything (or nothing at all) including 3Ls who may be interested in writing, pseudonymously or not, about their post-graduation lives and jobs (I think this could be really cool if I could find people willing to contribute), and including 1Ls-to-be who might want to write about 1L life, send me an e-mail.

2. Any 1Ls or 2Ls (or 1Ls-to-be) who want to get involved in the Parody Show writing process, send me an e-mail. We've got a Yahoo group going where we're going to try and get input/ideas/jokes/etc from throughout the law school. A whole continuum of possibilities to be involved, from just contributing some names and stories to really trying to help us write the script.

/end of solicitation