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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Found a sublessor for the summer. Should make him sign this:

Lawyer's First Sublet Agreement, after taking too many required classes

1. This contract, which serves as the objective manifestation of the subjective intent of Sublessor (S) and Lessor (L), binds Sublessor to pay Lessor three months rent at $X/month, payable in cash, check, or other negotiable instrument. The dollar figure provided is in American currency and is not affected by international exchange rates.

2. Lessor is not liable for any torts or crimes committed by Sublessor while in the apartment, including, but not limited to, manslaughter.

3. This agreement is not to be construed as the creation of an agency or partnership relationship between Lessor and Sublessor, as if that would actually have any bearing on anything.

4. Sublessor will be responsible for tax implications of this arrangement, whatever they might be.

5. No part of this agreement confers any ownership rights on Sublessor, and does not establish the right to any future adverse possession claims.

6. Sublessor has the right to speak in the apartment, at a normal volume, regardless of the content of the speech.

7. If Sublessor invites people over to the apartment, that does not mean it is being opened up as a limited-purpose public forum. Sorry.

8. This agreement is governed by the law of Massachusetts, and any disagreements will be resolved through binding arbitration and an implied term of good faith, which is no longer implied because I'm writing it here.

9. Sign twelve times at the bottom. Thank you.