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Friday, April 30, 2004

We received our course schedules for next year, following the course lottery earlier this week. I got everything I wanted, which is good, although I got pretty much everything I wanted last year too, so not a big deal. I'm not sure whether other people have trouble getting what they want because I want stuff that's less popular, or because I'm somehow better at figuring how to rank the classes in the right sequence to outsmart the system and get what I want. I'm sure it's the former, but I'd like to pretend it's the latter. Anyway, my schedule doesn't look quite like Mitch's, but I'm looking forward to it. The "Creation of the Constitution" class I wanted in the winter term taught by a Judge on the 10th Circuit US Court of Appeals, the "American Democracy" class I wanted co-taught by Robert Putnam, a seminar with the word "Emotions" in the title, a class that used Kennedy School case studies as the reading material instead of a casebook, a class taught by a professor who has his own tribute page on the Internet, and many more! I'm excited! Or at least as excited as I can be about law school classes. :)