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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Catching up on Q-and-A from All-Request-Day:

1. "There is a neighborhood kid who keeps pestering me. I'd like to know how to make her disappear... she speaks in some sort of garbled English like Nell and she is about 4 feet tall. I guess that makes her 4-5-6 or so."

Uh, not really my area of expertise. But let's see. You could move. Or you could spray her with pepper spray. That might be illegal though. You could tell her parents. You could yell at her. Or perhaps you can just be nice to her and make a new friend. Maybe she likes you. Maybe you and she are meant to be together forever. My answer sucks. Sorry.

2. "After reading your summation of 3 years of Hell I thought maybe you could do a quick summary of the big Blawgs ala Talk Soup. I don't know if talk soup is on TV still, I haven't had a TV since the mid 90's so I'm not too hip."

I've never seen Talk Soup. I can only imagine. I know Greg Kinnear used to host it before he got nominated an Academy Award, and then became known exclusively as "Academy Award Nominee Greg Kinnear," especially in movie trailers where he appears. I can't recall a single movie he's been in since As Good As It Gets, so I'm guessing he hasn't been nominated for any more Academy Awards. And you haven't had a TV since the mid-'90s, yet you watched Talk Soup when you did have one, which seems like a show designed for the especially TV-addicted -- a TV show all about other shows on TV, after all. But back to your question. I'm really not sure what to say. Evan Schaeffer does a weekly law school roundup on Sundays that sounds like exactly what you're looking for, actually. And I don't want to compete with Evan on his own turf, so I'm sort of tempted to punt you over to him. I suppose I could share a list of the blawgs I read more often than not, but I kind of don't even want to do that because I'll leave someone out and they'll feel bad and I don't want that. There's lots of good stuff out there, I'm pleased you think this one's worthy of your time... I almost want to leave it at that.

3. "Business casual -- what's appropriate?"

Shirt. Pants. Socks. Shoes. I've been wearing button-down shirts and pants in various shades of navy, tan, and gray. Seems to work. Lots of blue shirts around. Pretty straightforward. Nothing that could be mistaken for a soccer uniform, pretty much. Random related story -- I have a pair of pants that's made of some material lighter than cotton, I forget what, but it's very sensitive to water -- any drops of water show up very dark and very visible (and then dry and disappear, but still), so when I go to the bathroom, and then wash my hands, if the water from washing my hands at all drips on the pants, it looks like I peed on myself. Which is not good. But I like the pants. So I don't know. What a pointless story. Sorry.

4. "What's your favorite type of food?"

They're all good. I like Thai food a lot. Greek food too. I'm pretty adventurous with food (unless it has fallen on the floor -- see post from a couple of days ago). I don't understand people who will only eat certain things. Lots of things are good and interesting and tasty. Appetizers and desserts are the two best parts of the meal too. And food that tastes like it should be expensive but is actually really, really cheap is my favorite type of food. For more on food, read Waddling Kitchen (or go to a supermarket).