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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

E-mail from a journal at school: "Just a reminder that the deadline for the notes competition is July 1. There are no entries in yet. That means that if you submit, you have a pretty darn good chance of winning the big money. Details are at the bottom of this email."

I found that amusing and worth sharing. Don't know exactly why.

I went to court today, to watch and take notes. This was actually the only time I'd been in a courtroom besides a high school trip to Washington where we sat in the Supreme Court visitors gallery while they announced something. All I recall is Justice Thomas kept spinning around in circles in his comfy-looking chair. Anyway, at this court thing lawyers said stuff and the judge said stuff and it wasn't very long and now I'm back. Sorry if all those specifics bored you.

Things not to do in court:
1. Clap
2. Boo
3. Hiss
4. Jeer
5. Throw fruit
6. Throw vegetables
7. Throw up
8. Throw table over
9. Graffiti
10. Scream
11. Yell
12. Run
13. Brandish weapon
14. Use cell phone
15. Brandish cell phone
16. Use weapon
17. Brandish combination weapon-cell phone
18. Use combination weapon-cell phone
19. Call judge by wrong name
20. Call judge on his combination weapon-cell phone
21. Act like a monkey
22. Bring a monkey
23. Monkey around
24. Insult the court reporter
25. Start the wave
26. Ask if there's a promotional giveaway at today's hearing
27. Tickle the bailiff (was there even a bailiff? Must've been...)
28. Eat
29. Drink
30. Be particularly merry