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Friday, June 18, 2004

How many parts of a cow are there? I just got back from lunch at the Brazilian Barbecue place (see pre-lunch post below). They came around with meat after meat after meat, most of which had at one point been attached to a cow and not cooked. It was these big meats on skewers that the waiters sliced off with sharp knives, sitting in pools of their juices. It could turn someone into a vegetarian. Not a good place to bring a date, I'd venture to say. Unless you're dating a Tyrannosaurus. Or [bad attempt to be funny coming] Carnie Wilson, assuming Carnie stands for Carnivore. "I'll just have the salad" doesn't really work. Heck, "I'll just have the parts of the cow that don't look they're still twitching" doesn't really work. Then, once you've eaten the filet of leg, baby back tenderloin, rib eye, rib nose, rib ear, and barbecued cow toes, you get dessert. It's a big cake, filled with meat, sliced off a skewer. No, not really. The desserts weren't that thrilling. Too much meat though. I didn't actually eat that much, it just felt like a lot. I don't feel like eating until next Wednesday or so. Or looking at any animals, since I think their parents were just served to the next table. This was actually the first place where nothing served was baby anything. This was grown-up animal. Definitely adults. I kept watching for the knife to slip and... a table full of lawyers? No chance.