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Monday, June 14, 2004

My All-Request Monday gone awry... the Internet was down most of the day at work. All that was up was Lexis. Seriously. And, jd2b linked to me, which is always cause for celebration. So I'm extending All-Request Monday to All-Request Tuesday, with the footnote that in fact it's Feel-Free-To-Request Day every day, since I do answer all my e-mails, without even the help of an assistant. :)

I will get to the requests that came in today in due course. Probably tomorrow, since I'm sleepy.

Tomorrow, incidentally, I get to go to court. Not to do anything, obviously, although I think the associate mentioned that "we'll be taking good notes," which probably means me'll be taking good notes. Which is totally reasonable, of course. My response to the associate's e-mail inviting me to tag along: "I have to wear a suit there, don't I?" The reply: "Yes." Oh well. My suit is lonely in my closet anyway. BUT CLEAN. And I don't want to get it dirty. I'm probably mildly obsessive-compulsive in my dislike of dirt. I've written before about trying not to touch the subway poles. To me that seems reasonable though. But stuff like food that falls on the floor -- I have a zero-second rule. I wouldn't even think about it. Or if I have any doubts about a food source -- I can't remember how old the milk is, or I think the sushi may be from yesterday, or I notice something crawling on the pasta. All reasonable concerns, to me. I don't like paint. Or things that drip. Not a huge fan of newsprint. Okay, enough about my quirks. Where was I? Oh, yes, going to court. To watch. Cool. The person who e-mailed me last week to say I haven't written enough about stuff I'm doing at work: this post is for you.