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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Today I was in court all day, watching something and taking notes. I noticed the other people sitting in court (not the lawyers up at the front who were doing actual talking) were doing crossword puzzles, playing games on their Blackberries (or just e-mailing A LOT), doodling, nodding off, and, in one case, reading what looked like the National Enquirer. That seemed particularly bad. Even marginally worse than one of the lawyer who was doing a crossword... FROM A BOOK OF TV GUIDE CROSSWORDS. This is (presumably) a woman with a law degree. Surely she could challenge herself with something more rigorous than a crossword from TV Guide.

1-Across: The _________ Boat
2-Across: The _________ Wheel
3-Across: Actor Hanks

Ooh, gotcha there I bet. The answer to 3-Across is Colin, not Tom.

So I was in court from 10AM-6PM or so. We were given an hour lunch break. I went to the nearby Amish Market, which was definitely not run by the Amish, because it had lights and refrigeration. And sushi. And empanadas. And all sorts of things I bet the Amish don't use/eat/have/believe in. It was cheating. I don't understand it at all.

On the way back to the office on the subway I ran into someone I know. That's been happening a lot this summer. I must know a lot of people, or just be really lucky that way lately.

Tonight our firm social activity was a big reception at a public interest organization with a bunch of people from lots of other firms. I feel okay saying this, because so many firms were there that I'm not actually revealing anything. The organization deals with battered women. The reception featured a performance by a rap group. This makes sense, right? Because rap songs never have any negative implications about women. There was a "Chinese Auction" at the event. A "Chinese Auction," to my surprise, does not involve Chinese babies being sold to the highest bidder. Apparently it's like a silent auction, only with an ethnically insensitive name. Different from a Jewish auction, where the lowest bidder wins.

I have an idea for a new consumer product to capitalize on the Atkins craze. Low-carb shampoo. Because shampoos are always advertising that they've got oatmeal, or fruit extracts, or rye bread in them. All carbs. I want a low-carb shampoo. For a low-carb diet. For a low-carb me. :)