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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tonight we have a "progressive dinner" in Little Italy. We're visiting three restaurants, each for a different part of the meal. I imagined perhaps it would be more than three, and we'd eat very very little at very very many places. That it might look like this (all restaurant names are made up; note that I clearly don't speak Italian):

1. Wash hands in restroom at La Prosciuttorie
2. Sit down, and immediately stand up again at Luigi & Mario's
3. Hunk of bread at Famous Original Ray's Pizza, Location 44
4. Pat of butter at Pasta e Pasta Sauce
5. Three baby lettuce leaves at Salami Hut
6. 2 walnuts at Antonio's House of Marinara
7. Shot glass of raspberry vinagrette at Las Miserables Food
8. One chicken nugget covered in sauce and cheese at Maria's Italian Bistro & Falafel Stand

You get the point.