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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Whenever we have a summer associate event in the evenings, people who live outside of Manhattan can get a car back. I'm living in way-far-from-Manhattan-and-an-hour-commute-each-way Brooklyn with my parents, and so I qualify for that. So I was talking to my mom on my cell phone while in the car, and I mentioned something about a bunch of other summer associates mentioning to me tonight that they had seen my weblog, and after I hung up, the car driver starts a conversation with me. I swear all of this is real. I swear.

"You a summer associate?"
"Good thing you don't work for [firm]. They find out someone has something like a weblog, they fire you instantly. Not tomorrow, not next week, today."
"But the firm you should really go work for is [other firm]. Nicest people in New York. We drive for all of the firms. [Your firm] is fine, but [other firm] is the best. Everyone is very polite, very nice to each other, and don't just get in the car and start yelling at people over their phones. You should work for [other firm]. Very liberal. Very nice people."
"What kind of law you want to do?"
"[kind of law]"
"Oh. Yes. [Other firm] is great at that. Do you know [partner at other firm who by coincidence happened to be one of the people at that firm who interviewed me]?"
"Yeah. Big guy, right?"
"Yes. And one of the best lawyers in New York. You want to do [kind of law], [other firm] is where you should be. [This partner]'s wife, a very old woman, is so bossy. They were late to a hockey game, and she goes on and on and on. But he is a very nice man. [Other firm] is really a great firm. Very good."

He should be a recruiter for [other firm]. Really.