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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A whole bunch of little things I feel like writing about this morning:

1. Just in case you thought people were exaggerating when they talked about NY housing prices. Posted on a bulletin board here: "Quiet, sunny studio apartment for sale: Co-op located [in good neighborhood]. Approx 440 sq ft. Elevator bldg. Laundry in basement. Window in kitchen. Asking $215,000. Monthly maintenance is $622.51." Note the square footage. Note that the "monthly maintenance" sounds a lot like "rent," but you also have to pay a gazillion dollars just for the privilege of living there and getting to pay this rent every month. Gosh.

2. Trying to make lunch plans with associates is kind of like (and I'm stretching for the analogy here) asking a girl out on a date. Don't want to look too desperate, seem too forward, put yourself too far out there for fear of rejection. "If you're not too busy...;" "I totally understand if you can't...;" "I know the odds are you're not available, but...;" "If you aren't doing anything and have been hoping someone would ask you...;" "Not to put any pressure at all on you...." Yes, I'm trying too hard.

3. I read "Wonderland," by Michael Bamberger on my commute yesterday. It's the story of a year in a typical American high school, and some of the students he met, and their stories. Human interest stuff. Very well-written -- he's a writer for Sports Illustrated, so he knows what he's doing as far as human interest people pieces -- and really engaging. Not anything extraordinary, but a totally satisfying subway read.