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Monday, July 26, 2004

Decisions In A Day: The Tough Choices Facing Summer Associates

1. Do I wear the:
(a) blue shirt with gray pants?
(b) gray shirt with blue pants?
(c) white shirt with no pants?

2. Do I take:
(a) the express train and walk 6 blocks?
(b) the local train and walk 1 block?
(c) the little pills the doctor said would help me feel better?

3. For breakfast, do I eat:
(a) a bagel?
(b) a muffin?
(c) the food still leftover in my teeth from yesterday's enormously expensive lunch?

4. Do I research using:
(a) Lexis?
(b) Westlaw?
(c) Actual books from the library... if only I knew what books those were...?

5. In my memo to the partner, do I:
(a) Indent each paragraph?
(b) Skip lines?
(c) Use the Wingdings font?

6. When billing time, do I:
(a) Record the time directly on the computer as I complete each task?
(b) Keep a record by hand and enter it all at the end of the day?
(c) Just make stuff up?

7. For my appetizer at lunch, should I:
(a) Order the baby green salad?
(b) Order the baby octopus?
(c) Order a baby?

8. For dessert, should I:
(a) Offer to share with my neighbor?
(b) Gorge myself on the 16 oz. carrot cake?
(c) Eat to be polite, and then vomit in my napkin?

9. After lunch, do I:
(a) Return to the office and finish up my research project?
(b) Return to the office and ask for a new assignment?
(c) Go straight home, since lunch did take five hours?

10. On the way home, do I:
(a) Read some cases in preparation for tomorrow's conference call?
(b) Read the Wall Street Journal in case of any relevant legal news?
(c) Cry?

11. The next morning, do I:
(a) Go to work?
(b) Go to work?
(c) "Do summers get vacation days"??