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Friday, July 09, 2004

The following post has been partially redacted by my employer.

So, it was just another day today at [--------]. I sat in on a conference call between [--------], a partner in the [--------] group known for being [--------], [--------], and very [--------], and our client, [--------] Corporation, a multi-national (France, the U.S., and [--------]) conglomerate that sells [--------], [--------], and extra-large [--------]. During the call, which was held in conference room [--------], the lawyers drank [--------] and [--------], although I just had [--------] from the [--------]. It lasted [--------] minutes. The client wanted the firm's advice about [--------], [--------], and cheating the government out of [--------]. But it turned out that in fact, the CEO of the firm, [--------] [--------], had [--------] someone with a semi-automatic [--------]. He [--------] instantly. But he fled to [--------], a small island off the coast of [--------], opened up a secret [--------] account, and now wants the firm to defend him. Also, we found out that the Vice President of Marketing is a child molester, but he's only done it [--------] times.