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Friday, July 30, 2004

I'm making up for yesterday's short post with a half-dozen posts today I guess. No reason, just more to say.

Anyway, Sua Sponte has a post about her "summer turn[ing] serious" that makes me feel a little bit ill:

[W]e're competing over a finite number of seats in our preferred practice groups.... If I can stay active in both of my potential practice groups of choice, if I can book enough completed projects in the summer associate database and enough face time with people whom I'd like to remember my name, then I don't see a need to game the system any further.
Look, maybe she's right. Maybe people need to "game the system" to get what they want. I don't know. I don't want to think so. I want to think we live in a world where the things that are supposed to happen to us happen to us because we deserve them. And if we don't get the things we think we want, maybe we're not supposed to want them, or maybe we just don't deserve them. This is a view of the world that presupposes some sort of fate or destiny, I guess. And maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's all on our shoulders. Maybe it's all in how we "game the system." But something inside me tells me maybe it's not. Wait a second. That wasn't what I intended to write. What I intended to write is that this seems like an awful lot of psychic energy to be spending on what practice group you're going to end up in, when, in large part, it's in other people's hands. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the world is a soul-crushing place. Maybe these are really the things it's worth our energy to be worrying about. Maybe we're not meant to just enjoy our lives and the gifts we're fortunate enough to have. I hope not. And, no, I don't know exactly how Sua Sponte's post is related to what I just wrote. :)