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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

OK, so Kerry picked Edwards. I've read no articles about this yet, just saw it on TV this morning in the Attorney Lounge for a few seconds. So this is uncorrupted opinion here (and really what I have to say is pretty unobjectionable, I think), but I think Edwards was the safest choice for Kerry, since any other choice would have led to the question, "Why not Edwards?" and that would've been the story. So by picking Edwards he probably makes less news -- since it was the expected choice, and thus probably won't have days and days of analysis to follow, as perhaps there would be if he'd picked Hillary Clinton or Kermit the Frog or Tipper Gore or anyone else he might've dug up from the woodwork somewhere (Kerry-Mondale in '04?), but he also probably makes most Democrats at least pleased enough with the choice that if they were going to vote for him this won't stop them, and maybe get him some new voters who really liked Edwards. Yeah, I've got nothing really useful to say here. Except for this:

Top Five Related Top Ten Lists I Considered, But Realized I Couldn't Keep the Joke Going for Ten, with one example for each to illustrate

1. Top Ten reasons not to pick Edwards that Kerry overlooked ("People thought *Kerry* had Botox; look at Edwards!?")

2. Top Ten reasons Dick Gephardt wasn't picked ("Campaigning in sunny states would be hazardous toward Gephardt's pale complexion that has become his trademark.")

3. Top Ten rejected slogans for the Kerry-Edwards tickets ("Use the john. Or vote for them.")

4. Top Ten reasons Bill Richardson wasn't picked ("Despite being Hispanic, name does not sound Hispanic, and therefore only the informed voters would be influenced; informed voters form such a low percentage of the electorate that it would not be worth it.")

5. Top Ten reasons Tom Vilsack wasn't picked ("To people who haven't heard of him, his name sounds kind of obscene, in a strange sort of way.")