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Friday, July 30, 2004

Sherry at Stay of Execution points out some pretty sad stuff that happens to lawyers:

When you're a lawyer, time is money, right? And so every coffee or lunch break you take to catch up with a friend is time you're not billing.... Don't they understand that this time has a price? Maybe it's free for them, but it's not for you. Conversely, if you're having lunch with another lawyer, someone more senior than you, whose time is worth lots more (or at least, whose billable rate makes their time more expensive), you feel a sort of strange gratitude. You expect them to get through the lunch and then briskly bring things to a close and get back to the office. If they linger or suggest coffee, well, wow, that's so generous, what a good guy this is....
Gosh. I don't want to be measuring my leisure time by what it's costing me. This friend's worth $100 but this other one's only worth $50? What if I have lunch with both of them at once? $75? $150? Come on. This is bad. Bad bad bad. Shouldn't we be doing things because we enjoy them? Is this what happens to lawyers? Does billing time at work take over one's life? Bad. Bad bad bad.